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Video productions of any size require a lot of time and money. One major element that can throw off your schedule and bring you way over budget are the location(s) you use. Renting a sound stage or production studio comes with a lot of advantages if you know the process and what to look for.

If you’re in the photography, film or video production industry you may have considered renting space at some point in your career. Perhaps you have more clients now and you’re trying to find a way to be as efficient as possible. Or you’re dealing with more specific demands and you need a controlled environment to make it happen. Whatever your reason may be, here’s a breakdown of the top benefits that will help you determine if renting one is your best option.

When you need a site for your video production there are a number of viable options depending on your production. If it\’s a corporate video, you could shoot it at your client\’s office. If it\’s an interview, you could go to the on camera talent’s home or workplace; and if it\’s a film, you might want to shoot it at a specific location depending on the story.

So, what exactly are the benefits of renting a studio for filming? Why should you get in touch with Echo Production?

  1. Evade the punishments of guerilla shooting. When a photographer, videographer or film crew maker sets out for principal photography and have not filed for the correct the permits, this is referred to as guerilla shooting. Many filmmakers, photographers, and videographers tend to avoid the fees attached to getting the necessary permits. While you may think saving a few hundred dollars up is a good idea, those that get caught suffer steep fines that exceed the cost of acquiring a permit. Additional disadvantages would be rushing because you feel the need to shoot in a hurry. Shooting quickly causes imperfection in the resulting art.
    Renting Atlanta film studios such as ours lets you take the time to get the perfect shot. If you want to evade the bureaucracy of acquiring the necessary permits you may want to consider renting a photo studio. It is faster than securing permits. In addition to using the space, the fee paid gives you the most important benefits – relief and comfort knowing you have time, space and privacy to film what you need.
  2. If you rent studio space, you gain total control over external factors. Outdoor filming demands significant flexibility. You must be acquainted with working with the sun and controlling lighting, noise from the traffic, weather changes, curious bystanders, etc. Although all these factors contribute to the quality of your end-product, you can only control so much. These uncontrollable variables add stress on all the participating parties and can causes negative effects on your work.
    The best course of action is to rent a studio space. It eliminates these hassles and allows you to maintain focus for a more productive day. The hindrances of stopping due to rain, sudden loud traffic, etc., during principal photography are eliminated. Additionally, renting a studio space ensures you optimize it to suit the specific needs of your project. It lets you make the most of your working hours and produce polished deliverables.
  3. Renting our Studio space grants the whole crew comfort and convenience Outdoor shooting exposes you to various elements in a public space. The distance from one room to the other especially when you need to take a restroom break eats up your valuable time and breaks your momentum. You may also need to rent trailers for private changing rooms or make do with what you have on location. It\’s the little things that stymie the creative process.

    Renting our studio, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy essential conveniences such as temperature control and private restrooms, and lounges. We also have additional rooms for:
    · Staging areas for lights and G&E, camera equipment and props
    · Holding areas for crew and extras
    · Changing and makeup rooms
    · Break areas

    Breaks are crucial to any work of art. We would be happy to organize in-house catering should your production team need it.
  4. You Might Not Need to Bring All Your Bulky Equipment Having to carry heavy equipment to a shoot can be extremely inconvenient. To make your lives easier, our video equipment is available for rent. For a full list of our equipment, please click, HERE.

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