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Our Productions are inspired by your story and our years producing stories about the human condition. ECHO is the culmination of three production companies coming together to provide best-in-class digital video production services through every stage of the production process. We have partnered with some of the fastest-growing companies to help them share their vision and brand message. Do you have a message that you need to share with your target audience?

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At Atlanta Echo Video Production, we go beyond video shooting videos and producing them to help you achieve the intent of your brand message. Apart from assisting you in creating stunning videos, we also help you reach your business and income goals by producing videos that attract and retain your audience’s attention.

To achieve that, we collaborate with you to plan the objectives of your videos, evaluate the outcome, and then set out to shoot. After shooting, we also help you market to users based on your desired result.

Video marketing has proven to be the fastest way of gaining attention and engagement online. Sadly, not every type of video converts to sales. As masters at digital marketing, we help you produce videos with massive rates of conversions and sales.



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Duration: 01:53 min

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    The interest in video marketing has skyrocketed and is not coming down soon. Recent statistics show that about 87% of businesses use video as a marketing medium. These are the reasons why you need to jump on this trend and incorporate video as part of your next marketing campaign.

    Another great feature of video marketing is that you can use it for different purposes. If you want to explain difficult concepts, you can use animation videos. If you want to explain new products and services, you can opt for explained videos.

    Most people buy from those they know, like, and trust (KLT), not necessarily the best sellers. And can you guess the best medium for building your KLT factor?
    You guessed right….
    Video marketing.
    Videos engender trust and confidence in your brand, thereby skyrocketing your conversion and sales. So, if you want to multiply your sales, go for video marketing!


    Before creating content, we work with you to learn about you and flush out all the results you need to achieve. Strategy is integral to every successful production partnership.

    To a certain degree, a video is a video. Your end game will determine your marketing needs. Our expertise goes beyond video production services.

    To a certain degree, a video is a video. Your end game will determine your marketing needs. Our expertise goes beyond video production services.

    In today’s changing demographical landscape, perspective is important. We offer deep expertise and a shared vision for impactful stories through targeted messaging.

    Lights, camera, action! Here we capture all of the live audio and video assets our production company needs to bring your story to life.

    Before we start Principal Photography, ECHO producers plan each production down to the T to address all questions and concerns.

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      Atlanta is increasingly popular in the movie space as it has continued to attract movie producers and filmmakers. And consequent of that, Georgia State is considered the number one in the United States for film production, followed closely by UK, Canada, Los Angeles, and New York City in that order. Atlanta is a prominent filming location in recent times, and therefore it is considered one of the best cities to film in the United States.

      Situated at the Buckhead district of Atlanta, Georgia, the iconic 33-acre History Centre’s campus features historic gardens and grounds like Swan House, Wood Family Cabin, and Smith Farm. It also contains the History Center’s research arm, Kenan Research Center, which has 3.5 million resources and replicates Franklin Garett’s office. Atlanta History Center has one of the most extensive collections of Civil War artifacts in the United States.

      This 50-story hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, is currently the 14th tallest skyscraper in the city. It is usually called the Pregnant Building or the Coca-Cola building because it resembles a bottle of Coke from the side view. One prominent feature of the Marriot Marquis is its giant atrium. At its completion in 1985, it was the biggest in the world at 470 feet. This massive building has hosted several movies like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, Flight and Manhunter.

      Located in South Atlanta in Fayette County, Georgia, Trilith Studios is an American film and television production studio. It was initially called Pinewood Atlanta Studios and has produced several films and television programs, especially Marvel studios, produced movies like Ant-Man, Captain American: Civil War, and Passengers.

      The Gulch is one of the most significant concrete structures in downtown Atlanta. Even though the Gulch is at ground level, the streets surrounding it are elevated. They were initially elevated in the early 20thtofic could more easily flow above the railroad lines passing through Downtown Atlanta.
      Currently, the Gulch is one of the most famous filming locations in Atlanta and has hosted several movies. Examples are Captain America: Civil War, Walking Dead, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, and Baby Driver. This location is a must-see for film lovers.

      This massive structure is an art museum in Atlanta, Georgia, and is one of the notable examples of modern architecture and commands a lot of attention. Therefore, it is not surprising that it was well used in the famous movie Black Panther.

      Castleberry Hill is an industrial site containing indie arts gallery and residential lofts. Castle Berry Hills is also one of the central filming locations in Atlanta. As of 1990, the location was already used for filming. Some of the movies that have been filmed here include Freejack, Kalifornia, and Driving Miss Daisy.

      Located at Midtown Atlanta, the iconic Georgian Terrace is the undisputed Grande Dame of Atlanta, a 20th-century Beaux-Arts beauty deeply etched in the city’s heart, history, and Southern heritage. It is also an excellent location for filming with its sprawling structure. It has hosted some movies like Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,” “The Change-Up,” a 2010 film starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, and 2013’s “The Internship,” starring Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson.

      Castleberry Hill is an industrial site containing indie arts gallery and residential lofts. Castle Berry Hills is also one of the central filming locations in Atlanta. As of 1990, the location was already used for filming. Some of the movies that have been filmed here include Freejack, Kalifornia, and Driving Miss Daisy.

      Established in 1913, this public research university is the largest institution of higher education by enrollment based in Georgia. It is in the top 10 in the nation in several students with a diverse majority-minority student population of around 54,000 students, including approximately 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students at the central campus downtown. The university has hosted several film and television projects. Movies filmed there include The Fate and the Furious, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Spiderman:

      Georgia Aquarium seeks to engender awareness and improve preservation of our ocean and aquatic animals worldwide. Initially, it was the largest aquarium in the world until 2012, when it became the third-largest aquarium in the world after the Marine Life Park in Singapore and the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in China. Movies filmed at the Georgia aquarium include Pitch Perfect 3, The Change-Up, The Last Song, The Aquarium, and the Crush.


      How much is video production in Atlanta?

      The cost of video production differs based on different factors such as length of the video, time spent on the pre-production process, talents of people working on the project, and the tools used in video production. At Atlanta Echo Video Production, we offer you different video production plans tailor-made for you and your budget. You choose, and we shoot!

      Can I film on the streets of Atlanta?

      Generally, you don’t need permits for shooting on private property (beyond the owner’s permission) unless the public property is impacted. Some municipalities and state and federal agencies may require permits to shoot at specific locations within their jurisdiction. You can obtain permits for streets, buildings, and parks in the City of Atlanta through the Mayor’s Office of Entertainment.

      Is renting a studio in Atlanta expensive?

      It can be pretty pricey, but with us, you can get cheaper options. We are ready to assist you in renting a studio based on your budget.

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