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Beginners and seasoned professionals face the same challenge in filmmaking; the high cost of footing video production endeavors. It is costly for many filmmakers to buy a fancy camera or a new lens for every video production shoot.

Video production professionals use different types of equipment for different projects. The cameras you use for a narrative film will likely differ from a corporate marketing video. Throughout your life of filmmaking, you will discover that each project requires a different type of camera, kit for lighting, and set of audio equipment. Hence, except for veteran filmmakers and the highest-end video production companies, you cannot buy new production gear for every project.

While there is a dire need for minimizing the cost of production, there is also a higher need for maintaining quality in all your filmmaking projects. So far, the best way to achieve that is through video equipment rental. Here are five reasons why the video production equipment rental at Echo Production outwits purchasing it outright.

Benefits of Renting Filming Equipment at Echo Production

  1. Let’s face it, as filmmakers, we are all guilty of being enticed by new gear or the latest new camera release. We are willing to blow massive savings to acquire the in-vogue video filming gadgets. However, technology is dynamic and it keeps evolving. Hence it is not viable economically to remain at par with technology by buying each latest release.
  2. Technological advancements are faster than one can exploit their advantages. Considering the high rate of acceleration of technology, it is safe to resort to renting film equipment as the most practical way of maintaining quality, minimizing cost, and keeping up with the advancements.
  3. It is your chance to remain abreast of the latest advancements in filmmaking. One of the greatest equalizers in video production is everyone\’s ability to film on the same equipment. Utilizing rental companies is a simple way of filming with the best and latest gear. On the other hand, it is also to your advantage since you won’t have broken your bank. The latest Arri camera body alone is anywhere from $50,000 to $110,000.

Fulfill the needs of specialized clients with our Atlanta Studio equipment

The filmmaking industry involves working with different clients with unique projects. You will encounter clients who will commission you to develop and film projects that require a different set of equipment and gear from what you own and you will likely be under-equipped. While the new camera and G/E gear may impress the client, your wallet will suffer. Our business at Echo Production Rentals is to invest in a wide range of filmmaking equipment and gear. We work with producers to provide the simplest and most cost-effective way of getting equipment for projects of various sizes.

Production rental insurance and maintenance costs

Video equipment rental companies maintain their equipment. The maintenance of filmmaking equipment includes repairs, annual servicing, record keeping, etc to ensure production equipment rentals are optimal for use. It is the duty of the rental house to foot all the maintenance costs so that your company reaps the profits.

All video production equipment and gear must be covered by insurance. The more the filmmaking equipment and gear you own, the higher costs in insurance you must pay to protect it. Having a lean inventory of film equipment translates to less insurance coverage and cost.

As with any industry, new directors, DPs and producers lack the funds to buy the equipment to compete in today’s marketplace. They lack adequate capital to acquire the entire kit of high-end production equipment. Every project must have cameras, lenses, lighting, expendables, audio, etc. The full set, depending on your production level, can be anywhere from $15,000 to several million.

Obviously, as a start-up or an intermediate business, you must be shrewd with expenses. It is not viable to be extravagant in acquiring the latest equipment and gear to impress the client. Instead, settle on the surest bet for a high-quality video feasible for the budget. Rent professional video equipment.

We reduce the storage needs for your company

Filming equipment comes in all types of sizes. Some consume a lot of storage space. If your studio is small or you work from home, you will be forced to rent additional space in storage facilities where you can store them when they are not in use. Renting storage space presents an additional capital expense to you. Utilizing video production equipment and gear from a reliable rental company like Echo Production Rentals eliminates the worry of storage.

Reduce Transportation Costs

Different projects require filming at different locations. If your production studio and equipment are situated far from your project’s location, your firm may suffer significant fees for transportation. It would be smarter to rent all video production equipment from the best studios in Atlanta that also rent studio space.

Get in touch with one of the Best Atlanta Filming Studio companies

As a seasoned video production professional, are you lacking particular equipment or gear? Don’t go through the stress of acquiring expensive items out of your pocket. Simply get in touch with the experts at Echo Production Rentals. We are here to make your life easy.



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