Our Productions are inspired by your story and our years producing stories about the human condition. ECHO is the culmination of three production companies coming together to provide best in class digital video production services through every stage of the production process. We have partnered with some of the fastest growing companies to help them share their vision and brand message. Do you have a message that you need to share with your target audience?


At Austin Echo Video Production, we go beyond shooting your videos and producing them to helping you achieve the intent of your brand message. Apart from assisting you in creating stunning videos, we also help you reach your business and income goals by producing videos that attract and retain your audience’s attention.

To achieve that, we collaborate with you to plan the objectives of your videos, evaluate the outcome, and then set out to shoot. After shooting, we also help you market to users based on your desired result.

Video marketing has proven to be the fastest way of gaining attention and engagement online. Sadly, not every type of video converts to sales. As masters at digital marketing, we help you produce videos with massive rates of conversion and sales.



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    The interest in video marketing has skyrocketed and is not coming down soon. Recent statistics show that about 87% of businesses use video as a marketing medium. These are the reasons why you need to jump on this trend and incorporate video as part of your next marketing campaign.

    Another great feature of video marketing is that you can use it for different purposes. If you want to explain difficult concepts, you can use animation videos. If you want to explain new products and services, you can opt for explained videos.

    Most people buy from those they know, like, and trust (KLT), not necessarily the best sellers. And can you guess the best medium for building your KLT factor?
    You guessed right….
    Video marketing.
    Videos engender trust and confidence in your brand, thereby skyrocketing your conversion and sales. So, if you want to multiply your sales, go for video marketing!


    Before creating content, we work with you to learn about you and flush out all the results you need to achieve. Strategy is integral to every successful production partnership.

    To a certain degree, a video is a video. Your end game will determine your marketing needs. Our expertise goes beyond video production services.

    To a certain degree, a video is a video. Your end game will determine your marketing needs. Our expertise goes beyond video production services.

    In today’s changing demographical landscape, perspective is important. We offer deep expertise and a shared vision for impactful stories through targeted messaging.

    Lights, camera, action! Here we capture all of the live audio and video assets our production company needs to bring your story to life.

    Before we start Principal Photography, ECHO producers plan each production down to the T to address all questions and concerns.

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      As the capital city of Texas and the seat and biggest city of Travis County, Austin is one of the fastest-growing large cities in the United States since 2010. It is home to many rivers, lakes, and waterways such as Lake Travis and Lady Bird Lake on the Colorado River, McKinney Falls, Barton Springs, and Lake Walter E. Long. Austin is also renowned for its abundance of green space, live music scene, the growing tech community, and food trucks. Aside from that, Austin is a fantastic location for movies and has hosted a good number of locally made movies.

      One of the most renowned live music venues, the Continental Club has a global reputation as a mecca for country, rock, roots, swing, rockabilly, and blues music. Opened in 1955, it started as a private supper club but has evolved to be a club of international repute. In 2000, they opened another branch in Houston, and they serve as the best in entertainment and live music. Some of the movies that have been hosted in the Continental Club include Slacker, Boyhood, and D.O.A.

      Located inside Zilker Park, the 3-acre Barton Springs Pool is ideal for all-year swimming. It has continued to draw people from different walks of life, ranging from legislators to sunbathers. And now, it still attracts an enormous crowd of people and has visitors that are close to 800 000 in recent times. Tree of Life, an epic 2011 movie, was hosted in this location.

      Baker Street Pub & Grill is built based on Sherlock Holmes’ 221 Baker St. flat in London. It provides guests the opportunity of relaxing in a real pub. It offers authentic entertainment with its live music, dart boards, welcoming patio, and late-night entertainment like pub games. Office Space, a 1999 film, was shot in this location.

      The Landing Strip Austin is a luxurious gentlemen’s club and caters to astute gentlemen by providing many of life’s luxuries needed by the modern man. It is also the most filmed club in Texas and has been filmed in several major motion pictures, and T.V. shows like Grind House, Varsity Blues, and Friday Night Lights.

      If you want to enjoy mouth-watering dishes in a scenic environment, Top Notch is the perfect restaurant. It offers excellent meals and has been a hit for decades. You also get to take beautiful pictures and videos in this historic restaurant. Movies that have been filmed here include Dazed and Confused and Varsity Blues.

      Omni Austin Hotel offers you modern comfort and luxury beyond comparison. You will enjoy spectacular views and beautiful accommodations to host unforgettable events. This hotel has also played host to some movies like Miss Congeniality.

      It is a historic former power station located on the north shore of Lady Bird Lake in Downtown Austin, Texas. Opened in 1951, it is recognized as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark and is documented on the National Register of Historic Places. It ceased operation in 1996, and they later developed the site into a mixed-use district. A massive chunk of the city scenes for 2006, Mike Judge’s political comedy, were filmed outside the Seaholm Power Plant..

      Mount Bonnell, also referred to as Covert Park, is a prominent site along the Lake Austin portion of the Colorado River in Austin, Texas. It’s a popular tourist destination since the 1850s and serves as a vista for viewing Lake Austin, the city of Austin, and the surrounding hills..

      Located between Austin and Houston, Smithville has some beautiful sites for you. It boasts of its municipal airport, fine city parks, and some recognizable filming locations. Smithville also played host to The Brad Pitt movie Tree of Life.

      Want to shop and film? We got you covered. South First and Stassney Shopping Center is an open shopping center where you can do all your shopping. It doubles as a suitable filming location and has played host to Suburbia, a 1983 Drama.


      How much is video production in Austin?

      The cost of video production varies based on different factors such as length of the video, time spent on the pre-production process, talents of people working on the project, and the tools used in video production. At Austin Echo Video Production, we offer you different video production plans tailor-made for you and your budget. You choose, and we shoot!

      Can I film on the streets of Austin?

      Yes, but you need a film permit in Austin if you are filming on public property in the city of Austin. For private property, you don’t need permits.

      Is renting a studio in Austin expensive?

      It can be pretty pricey, but with us, you can get cheaper options. Austin Echo Video Production will assist you in renting a studio based on your budget.

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